10 Cloud Services We Love

Working on the web means you get the benefit of using new services you discover.  Here are couple that we like.

Working on the web means you get the benefit of using new services you discover.  Here are couple that we like.  Some are obvious, but some are not.


Feeling a bit like a pirate, but don’t want to really steal music like the old days?  Well, Grooveshark has you covered!  Type in what you want to listen to and its there!



Like a bit of remix action in your afternoon?  SoundCloud hosts many artists and their music, big and small.



Pingdom let’s you know when your website goes down.  Good for knowing whether or not your host is any good.  They also offer a website load time test tool.  Very useful!  http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/


Google Apps for Business

Unfortunately, this one isn’t free anymore.  Google Apps for Business provides email and all consumer level Google services such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google+ and many more for your business.  Gmail sure beats most hosting company’s email systems.


Google Analytics

Ever wonder how many people come to your website from where?  Google Analytics offers a good view into what people are interested in your website/business.



Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer let’s you know who’s linking to you and why.  A comprehensive view of how strong your domain is and much more. This is great for gauging the size of a company and their web presence.  Part of SEOMOZ and their awesome toolbox.

open site explorer



Mother of all note taking systems. Evernote provides easy note taking on the web, on the desktop and even on your smartphone.  Great for brainstorming new ideas!




Having a hard time keeping track of all the things you’re doing today (or tomorrow)? Wunderlist lets you keep track everywhere.




Our favorite hosting environment for our custom projects.  Fast and scalable.  Probably one of the best things to have happened to PHP since Facebook.



Rackspace VPS Servers

When we just need to customize a bit more than Pagodabox allows, or if we need to run custom scripts besides PHP, Rackspace’s hosting is the answer.  Since you have administrator access, it can be both a blessing and a curse!