Joomla K2 Items Revisited

Learn how to create and edit items in Joomla and K2.


1) Login to administrative back-end for your website.

  • Open your browser and go to:
  • Type in your username and password and log in.

2) Select K2 Items

  • If your Administration page is showing a “Quick Icons” listing as in figure 1 below, do not use this. Instead, click on the “K2 Quick Icons” drop down menu, located below the “Quick Icons” listing (figure 2).
  • Click on the “Items” button in the “K2 Quick Icons” listing (shown below in green).

K2 quick icons



Create New K2 Item – Click on the “New” button, located towards the upper right corner and marked by an orange and white “plus” sign. (shown below in red).

Edit Existing K2 Item – Select the item you would like to edit from the item listing (shown below in yellow).

change create K2 item



  • Whenever you make changes in K2, remember to click the “Save” button, marked by an orange check (shown below in yellow).
  • After saving your changes, in order to leave the Edit Items page, click on the “Cancel” button, marked by a red and white “x” (shown below in red).
  • You can expedite the process by clicking the “Save & Close” or “Save & New” buttons depending on if you want to save and return to the menu or save and create a new item.

K2 saving changes



  • You can modify the title and/or description via the title text field (shown below in red) and the description text field (shown below in yellow).

K2 titles and descriptions



For a more detailed description of how to upload, edit, and prepare images, please see our tutorial on “IMAGES & QUALITY”.

  • You can upload an image via the image tab located next to the content/description tab (shown below in red).
  • Just simply select “Choose File” (shown below in yellow) and find the file on your computer.
  • If you would like to delete your image, check the box located at the bottom (shown below in blue), and click the orange save button.

uploading and deleting images



Under the “author publishing status” drop menu, located on the right side of the page, you can edit many publishing features.

  • If your website has features that restrict access for some users, you can change access levels for each item using the “Access level” field (shown below in red).
  • You can also edit many publishing dates (shown below in yellow). These include “Creation Date” (date your item was created), “Start publishing” date (date you want your item to go public), and “Finish Publishing” date (date you want your item to no longer be visible to the public).
    • We advise that you do not change these settings unless you specifically want to set certain time constraints for your items.

author publishing status



Under the “metadata” drop menu, located on the right side of the page, you can edit many features to help with your website’s SEO.

  • You can include descriptions (shown in red below) and keywords (shown in yellow below) in order to improve your search engine optimization.
    • Unless you fully understand how SEO works, we advise that you do not enter anything in the “Robots” field.

Metadata Information