Seattle Photography Spots

Seattle Photography Spots

Are you a photographer or learning to become one?  Here are some great places to practice photography in Seattle!  Check them out!

Rizal Park

Located southeast of the international district on Beacon Hill, this park offers the classic view of downtown Seattle. Its a great place to shoot pretty much any time of the day. It can get a little sketchy at night, but its worthwhile going at night to practice long exposure photography too! Check it out here

Harbor Ave SW (West Seattle)

Another view of downtown, from across the water!  You can take a water taxi to get across or go over the West Seattle Bridge.  Either way, this place offers the best wide-angle view of Seattle Downtown. Check it out here.

Belvedere Park

This is another variation on the Harbor Ave SW location.  You have more of a top down view.  I personally prefer the Harbor Ave location since it gives the town a larger feel. Check it out here.

Discovery Park (and the West Point Lighthouse)

From this location, you can take pictures of the Olympics as well as Rainier (on a good day).  Also a great spot to go skip rocks at low tide! Check it out here.

Gas Works Park

A lake union view of downtown is nice too.  You can see all of Amazonia from Gas Works park.  You can squeeze in the Space Needle on this one too. Check it out here.

Kerry Park

Kerry Park is the romantic spot for those Seattleites in love.  The Google street view picture shows a man taking a picture with a tripod! Must be the spot!

Volunteer Park (through the art piece)

You can take an interesting picture of the Space Needle from here.  There is a piece of art shaped like a donut.   Shoot the Space Needle through the donut!

Top of the Space Needle

This should be obvious!
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