Vetri is a gallery of beautifully designed and thoughtfully curated handmade objects. Founded in 1998, Vetri initially was well known among collectors and artists as the foremost exhibitor of exciting and innovative new work in glass including Dale Chihuly, Hiroshi Yamano, Preston Singletary and Martin Blank. However, as the studio craft movement develops and changes, so does their collection. In addition to works in glass, they now show the work of independent jewelry designers, ceramic artists, and exceptional hand-made objects in all media.

In an effort to widen their audience, we made plans to put Vetri on the map as not just an exhibitor of handmade objects, but a retail space that connects with people’s lifestyles.

We designed a simple and clean, yet stylized logo that reflects glass has no standard form; glass is fluid and rigid, angular and rounded. We also designed and developed an online catalogue and fully dynamic shopping experience in order to further promote the retail side of Vetri’s business.

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