Trail Ridge Consulting

Pete approached us with the goal of turning Trail Ridge consulting’s website into an information center for his agile methodologies.  He has worked with large organizations like Google, GE, and Salesforce to improve their processes.

Trail Ridge Consulting is your difference between “DOING” agile and “BEING” agile. Scrum may be easy to “DO”, but growing and sustaining organizational agility is difficult.

Our approach, based on 15+ years of guiding client success, works inside-out starting with your organizational culture and guiding leadership to build high-performing and value generating programs.

Pete Behrens has guided some of the most passionate and successful agile companies to date including, General Electric, McKinsey & Company and more.

We worked with Pete to redevelop his brand.  We used a mountain, lightening and an upward graph as motifs for the brand.  It really speaks to what Pete helps people do: succeed.