Vetri is an art gallery and retail space selling works by emerging artists at approachable prices.

The Challenge

In order to maintain their business model selling reasonably priced emerging art, Vetri needed to evolve their identity and boost sales. After some research into their audience, we found that Vetri made the majority of their sales to older demographics and seasonal foot traffic in the summer months. In order to broaden Vetri’s audience and help them invest in their future, we aimed to target younger customers while also expanding their sales geographically through an online platform.

Our solution

In order to attract younger customers, we designed an elegant and approachable logotype that reflects glass’ amorphous state and Vetri’s diverse collection. Furthermore, in order to expand their reach nationally, we designed a fully dynamic online shopping experience that establishes Vetri as an intersection of gallery and retail space. We integrated Filemaker into the backend in order to link in-store and online sales – expediting Vetri’s inventory system. Since the rebrand and new website, their business is better than ever with increased sales and new customers across the US.

Hi-res imagery allow users to view pieces from all angles as if they were walking through the gallery themselves.

Conlon Dart