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Common Client Questions and Concerns

Changes are not coming through!

By Neil Harlow

Have you checked to make sure that you’re editing the right site?

  • Are you at the right domain?
  • Are you sure you’re in the Production environment? (as opposed to development)

Have you checked that you’re editing the right page/item?

Have you tried to clear the cache on Joomla?

You can do this by going to “Site -> Maintenance -> Clear Cache”. After you clear the cache re-open your site and check if the changes are now being seen.


Have you checked to make sure that the cache on your computer is cleared?

Do a quick search online to figure out how to do this. Its slightly different for each device/software.


If none of the above worked, call us.

It may be slightly more complicated than the quick fixes above. Contact us in order to get things figured out asap!