Why we recommend react native to our clients

React Native benefits, and why we recommend to our clients

React Native is a framework for building mobile applications. Not “mobile web” apps, “html5” apps, or “hybrid” apps, but real native applications for both iOS and Android. Facebook open-sourced the platform early in 2015, and has since seen tremendous growth and support. There are many React Native benefits for mobile development, and we want to share these with you as a client.

"we spend less time in development,
resulting in lower costs and faster development times"

React Native gives us the ability to share a single codebase between both iOS and Android. This reduces the complexity of developing two separate native apps and keeping them in sync. Consequently, we spend less time in development resulting in lower costs and faster development times. This applies to costs after your app is built as well, including maintenance and feature changes/additions. Less time in development means that we can bring your app from specification to release in a shorter time frame. This is important for projects with a deadline or startups in a crunch. It also gives us the ability to iterate quickly, making changes to both iOS and Android in a more agile fashion. Finally, we recommend React Native because we are not limited by React Native. Other cross-platform frameworks limit you to the features developed by their framework. Some even render your entire app in a webview. With React Native, we have the flexibility to write native code at any point. This is useful for platform specific code not covered by React Native. For example, your iOS app might incorporate Touch ID authentication or another iOS specific feature. Without affecting the Android version of our app, we can add this iOS specific functionality with ease. Quicker iterations, quicker UI development, and an overall faster time from specification to release are all React Native benefits we have gained as a team. Although this is a relatively new framework, popular mobile apps including Facebook, Instagram, AirBnB, and many more have incorporated React Native into their production applications. Looking to have your mobile application built? See how our Seattle mobile application development team can help you!